Conceived for the most demanding wine producers, the monoblocks of the SYMPHONYTM series combine in a single machine all the stages of wine bottle packing. The experience O.M.A.R. acquired in the years in the field of the washing-drying machines, capping machines, and labelling machines, has led to realize a product gathering all these functions.

The machine is equipped with A304 stainless steel conveyor belt with drive, return idler and accumulation table at the outlet; the switchboard is inserted inside the chassis and the controls are integrated to the central post to allow easy control by a single operator. The machine is PLC-operated with a touch screen display visualizing the statistic reports of the production.

The washing of the bottle is obtained with a rotary system with integrated washing of the bottom, the drying is made inside a tunnel with air distributors with height, width and inclination adjustment, fed through compression turbines for the production of heated air at a temperature reaching 45°/50° C.
The cylindrical bottles are rotated mechanically inside the drying tunnel.
Also the SYMPHONYTM series does not use any electrical resistances to guarantee low energy consumption.

The caps dispenser is single–head type and can distribute PVC, aluminium, polylaminate, and tinfoil caps. The capsule closing system can be both in-line with a single head and rotary with a turret bearing two heads of the same type or alternated heads according to the production needs.

The labelling stations are adjustable on 3 axes and equipped with stepper motors for the application of label and back label, on demand it is possible to fit the station for the DOCG/appellation adhesive strip, station for medal, hot transfer printer for lot number on the label, photocell for transparent labels, and notch spotting on the bottle.


This machine heats the bottles for a perfect application of the self-adhesive labels.

In-line and semi-rotary labelling machines for throughputs up to 2,000 b/h.

Machines suitable for the washing and drying of cylindrical and shaped bottles with speed rates from 1,000 b/h to 20,000 b/h.

Machines for the distribution and closure of capsules with speed rates from 1,000 to 30,000 b/h.